Research Projects

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A distributed systems compiler, aiming to provide compilation from abstract model-checkable specifications in PlusCal into Go code that can run on a real network. The project includes networking support libraries, and Modular Pluscal, a modular superset of PlusCal.

TreeGen (MMath Thesis)

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My MMath thesis work. Designed to make Interface Definition Language implementation easier, it's an impure functional language with fully out-of-order processing, making order-of-operations bugs, even involving pointers, impossible.

mel (MODELS 2020)

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mel is a declarative, rule-based Model Extraction Language for extracting facts from XML-structured models of software. This is a collaboration with WatForm, centered around Rob Hackman's thesis under Jo Atlee. I primarily contributed evaluation work, comparing mel with XQuery, an established web standard with related properties.